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She grew up in Durgapur, a city in West Bengal, have done her graduation from NIFT, Kolkata and subsequently worked in an export house, in Jaipur. Currently she is pursuing her post-graduation from NIFT Mumbai. She loves doing occasional photography, getting clicked, chit-chatting, wasting time and yea, obviously food! And Shopping!! And Travelling (but then, who doesn’t!!) She is an avid reader! And, she is always in need of those just five more minutes of sleep!!


Basically, she is just a 20 something-year-old coming to you with a little attempt to share her perception, ideas, thoughts, and opinions about fashion and few other random kinds of stuff!!


A 19 years old aspiring legal scholar from Patna. She loves dancing, drawing, debating, travelling, shopping, fashion and styling. Inspired by her father wishes to pursue law and continue the family legacy.

Blessed with a beautiful face & badass determination,likes to delve deep into every matter & want to know people beyond their identity.


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