Cost Per Wear Promise

Cost Per Wear (CPW) is a term you may be hearing on social media lately. We thought, at first glance, that it’s one of the new terms that is thrown into the larger umbrella of ‘Sustainable Fashion’.


But when we took a closer look at both the term and the equation behind CPW, this terminology takes on something even greater than just sustainable fashion. It’s bigger in so many ways.

Cost per wear

Cost Per Wear + The Bigger Picture

Despite how times have changed, we’re proud as a brand to continue to maintain high standards when it comes to being sustainable, ethically sound, and environmentally focused with our vision and mission — the bigger picture, if you will. As a small brand, we may not be everything to everyone but, we feel confident in the efforts we’re putting forth. The impact we’re having on our community, our industry, and our world matters. Things change quickly but we’re always trying to reassess and keep moving forward toward making our goals a reality.

Keeping quality in focus, we’ve also made continuous and intentional efforts to do good for the environment, the people, and the industry that we work with. Instead of trying to be all things to all people, we’re using our corner of the world, our sliver of the internet, to focus more on the impact of cost per wear. We want to educate and inspire our already thoughtful customers into becoming more conscious consumers by buying fewer, higher-quality pieces that stand the test of time.




The values that you care most about personally, and the values and standards you hold sustainable businesses to, are all interconnected when we focus on CPW. These include high standards on ethics, sustainability, environmentalism, human rights, and more. Let’s break this down and see how CPW impacts the greater good. 

If you implement changes, even small ones, based on CPW principles in your own wardrobe and really focus on buying high-quality but purchase fewer pieces because of it, you’re impacting much more than you think.










We understand the price point for higher quality clothing is often a stretch and that this doesn’t work for every person or every budget. And that’s okay. If you’re able, or you want to make a personal impact, you can first start to reshape your mindset and think of each wear as a cost instead of the product itself as a cost. You’ll be much more likely to buy clothing that’s timeless in its style and durable and high-quality in its design. Plus, there are resources out there to help lighten the load.


We add carefully crafted details to make sure these pieces add to your wardrobe and your happiness. Not only that, we work hard to create foundational and quintessential styles that will help put an end to fast fashion, so we can ditch consuming low-quality clothing pieces that don’t last. We’re inviting you to join us in thinking about what you wear in a completely new way. 


Let’s work together to buy better clothes and create better buying options because spending consciously and aiming for a positive impact never goes out of style.

The Cost Per Wear Movement